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Oleg completed his training in Osteopathy at the National University of Medical Science (Spain) in 2016 and the National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) in 2015. He completed a postgraduate course in Paediatric Osteopathy at The British School of Osteopathy, London, England in September 2016.

He employs a wide range of osteopathic techniques including Visceral manipulations (inner organs of the body), joint mobilization, soft tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, craniosacral, muscle energy techniques and exercise prescription to provide his patients with the solutions to the most challenging of problems.

Oleg Bagrin also obtained his MD degree in 1999 (Moldova) and finished his Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program in 2002 and PhD (doctorate) in 2007 in Moldova (Europe). After many years of practicing medicine in Moldova, Oleg moved with his family to Canada in 2007.

Oleg is an active member of Society of Osteopaths of Canada, National Osteopathic Practitioners Alumni Association (Canada), and the National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS).

In addition to the NNIHC, he also currently works at two of the largest and most famous hospitals in Canada: Michael Garron Hospital (former Toronto East General Hospital)- Emergency Department and North York General Hospital- Orthopaedic and Plastic Clinic. He was selected as a CASTED faculty member in June 2012 because of his teaching and clinical excellence. The faculty teaches Canadian and International Medical Doctors, Residents, Medical students, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Orthopaedic Technologists. Oleg Bagrin is also a professor at the National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada) and Dean of Applied Clinical Sciences at National University of Medical Science (Florida, USA).  In September 2016 and 2015  Michael Garron Hospital recognizes the learning of achievement of Oleg Bagrin in the pursuit of lifelong learning.

“To find health is the mission of any Doctor – anyone can find disease” Dr. A.T.Still

Dr. Marina D. Boghossian, N.D., C.H.

Dr. Boghossian graduated from OCNM (Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine) in 1992 and has been in private practice since then. She was originally trained as a pharmacist and speaks 3 languages. Dr. Boghossian specializes in women’s health, pediatrics, respiratory, as well as gastrointestinal issues.

Alicia Gonzalez

After she completed her studies in homeopathy on 2009, immediately after she specialized in “Heart Health”. She was trained by Dr. Harry Eldwart renowned Naturopathic Doctor in America, with whom she became a certified Technician to operate a medical device called D.P.A., Digital Pulse Wave Analyzer. Since that time she has performed thousands of tests for early detection in heart disease, the number 1 killer around the world, and increasing number in US and Canada every year.

Dr. Sarah Robinson, N.D.

Sarah Robinson began practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor after graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014.

Nicole Fisher, B.A., B.Ed., C.B.P.

Nicole inspires others with her dedication and enthusiasm as a life-long learner and seasoned highschool teacher intent on empowering people. Her reflective curiosity has lead her on an intriguing journey of meaningful connections through languages, the arts, wholistic health modalities…and BodyTalk,the language of health.