We all know being overweight is bad for us and that it is growing problem in today’s world. We are told eat less, move more, don’t eat carbs after 5pm, don’t eat carbs at all, count calories, count steps, eat only fruit and veg, eat only good fats, the list is endless.

No one is really struggling with finding new ways to lose weight; we are bombarded with them at every turn. The real struggle is doing it; it’s not an issue around not knowing what to do, it’s having the will power, confidence and mindset to start a healthy eating and exercise plan, stick to it and see it through.

Many who have never struggled with weight loss and weight management think there is just one reason for being overweight and that is simply overeating. This may technically be true but the reasons behind overeating are varied.

There is almost always an emotional link to over eating. There are triggers that send us back to eating our favourite comfort foods, and it is these triggers that cause us to fall off the wagon and put the weight back on.

The triggers can be many different things; arguments, stress at work, in laws, family tension, relationship issues, low self esteem, another endless list.

To stick to the plan, to get healthier and stay healthy we need to change our mindset, we need to believe in ourselves and as the song goes “keep on believin’”, which is easier said than done if you struggle with stress, anxiety and low self esteem on an ongoing basis.

Homeopathy can help. Homeopathy is holistic; it looks at every part of a person: mind, body and soul. Homeopathy will help strengthen both your body and your mind; it balances you so dealing with emotional triggers becomes much easier. It means sticking to what you want starts to become something achievable.

As homeopathy looks at mind, body and soul if there are physical reasons for slow weight loss such as chronic water retention, sluggish digestion or metabolism and these will be addressed at the same time as the mental and emotional issues.

Homeopathy can help but it is not a magic pill or a diet plan. It is a way to support you mentally, emotionally and physically so you can achieve what you want and what you have been trying to do – a happier, healthier you.

If you have any questions on this or homeopathy in general and how it might work for you and your family give me a shout. I can be reached at my website www.almondhomeopathy.com or on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/AlmondHomeopathy

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Emma Almond is a mother of 2 and a licensed homeopath living and working in Dublin; she runs her practice Almond Homeopathy from her clinic in Knocklyon and via Skype. She discovered homeopathy when looking for an alternative approach to dealing with her post natal depression. Emma uses homeopathic remedies on a daily basis for herself, her children and in her practice. Emma loves chocolate, running and reading. She runs almost daily and loves the mental and physical benefits she gets from it; after a long run she loves nothing more than sitting down with a good book, a cup of tea and a bit of chocolate!