Supplements are given for many different reasons.  Some are treatments, for example to detoxify or to treat an organ system or to balance the emotions. These are to be taken for a shorter period of time and not ongoing.  However some supplements should be taken as an insurance policy because we do not eat all the right foods in sufficient quantities every day. I think of supplements on a bell curve, when the patient tests low in them and are having side effects of this deficiency such as tiredness and low immunity, then they should take them in sufficient quantities.  As they get saturated, which is different for each patient and each nutrient, then we start to decrease the dose. I am always testing to see that certain nutrients like the fat soluable ones don’t get too high, which could cause some toxicity.  Some nutrients can become more toxic in higher doses than others.  The fat soluable ones have to be monitored because they can accumulate over time and become toxic.  Herbs and homeopathics rarely need to be taken for long periods of time and herbs especially can become toxic with continual use at high doses.  Some of the safer supplements are the water soluble ones like vitamin C and some of the Bs and can be taken on an ongoing basis.  As we progress through treatment I like to check the vitamin and mineral, essential fatty acid and protein deficiencies on an on going basis to see what is high and possibly low.  Supplement requirements are always changing depending on stress levels , seasons, age, and lifestyle, this is why they need to be monitored for maximum health. When my patients are feeling great and have no complaints and test well for everything then we can start to decrease some of the supplements. So no you don’t have to take all your supplements forever but based on an individual deficiency test some supplements do have to be taken regularily.  I do however have many patients who don’t need to take any supplements because they don’t test well for them and are feeling great. It is a good idea to get nutrients tested on an ongoing basis to see that there are no deficiencies or toxicities.